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Transfer iPhone Files To Your Computer

Transfer iPhone Files To Your Computer
With iExplorer, you can access more files and folders without modifying (jailbreaking) your device than ever before. Need to access photos on your iPhone or iPod? Can do. Want to access the files and folders of your device's apps? Done. How about browsing through your iTunes backups? Check. What about the media folders containing your iTunes purchases? We've got that too. What about files in apps that are synced to iCloud?

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iExplore.exe Kills Windows! [Exploit]

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Outro music : Windows Longhorn Remix (aka Windows Vista Beta Remix) by amoschampion

How to Kill All iexplore.exe Processes at Once\r
You need to open the command prompt, and then use the taskkill command with the following syntax:\r
taskkill /F /IM iexplore.exe /T




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